Joseph Henry Sharp


Artist Joseph Henry Sharp was among the first painters to create detailed portraits of Native Americans and the landscapes in which they lived. Sharp was born in Cincinnati in 1859, and he began developing his skills as a painter after a childhood accident left him completely deaf. Although he studied and trained in Europe, Native Americans and the American West captured his imagination, and many of Joseph Henry Sharp’s paintings depicted this interest. He pursued these subjects, and by 1897, he was spending his summers painting in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

As an artist, Joseph Henry Sharp had many influential patrons. However, Thomas Gilcrease, an Oklahoman oil tycoon, amassed more of Joseph Henry Sharp’s artwork for sale than any other collector. Art aficionados will delight in finding their own original landscape paintings for sale at auction and online.

Past Lots

Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953 Pasadena, CA)

Sold: $132,000

Joseph Henry Sharp, (1859 - 1953 Taos, NM), "White Weasel", portrait of a Native American man, Oil on canvas laid to board under glass,

Sold: $40,000

Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953 Pasadena, CA)

Sold: $39,000

Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953 Taos, NM)

Sold: $15,600