Alexander A Dzigurski


Alexander Dzigurski was a Serbian/American artist who studied at the School of Art in Belgrade, much to the disappointment of his farmer father. Significant talent and a solid work ethic brought Dzigurski to America in 1949. The most popular of Alexander Dzigurski’s prints are his colorful and powerful seascapes and landscapes.

Alexander Dzigurski’s paintings reflect the diversity of the American coastline, and were often painted with a great contrast of light and shade during sunrise or sunset. There are many Alexander Dzigurski’s prints on show at the Franklin Mint Museum of American Art in Pennsylvania and state bank collections in Illinois and Texas. You can find Alexander Dzigurski’s art for sale at auction, including some of his beautiful California coastline seascapes. Browse the wonderful array of dramatic or calming seascape paintings for sale online and select those that connect with you emotionally.

Past Lots

Alexander A. Dzigurski (1911-1995 Los Angeles, CA)

Sold: $4,025

Alexander Dzigurski (1911-1995 Los Angeles, CA)

Sold: $3,000

Alexander Dzigurski (1911-1995), Sunset coastal

Sold: $2,540

Alexander Dzigurski, (1911-1995), Seascape, Oil on canvas, Sight: 24" H x 48" W

Sold: $2,500