Moran’s Blanket Statements brings the quilt collection of Cindy Tietze-Hodosh and Stuart Hodosh to the block


• Important examples of Lancaster County Amish quilts to be auctioned

• Midwest Amish quilt designs are well represented

• Works from “English” quilters to be brought to auction

MONROVIA, CA – Moran’s June 30th Blanket Statements offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lovers of American quilts. The collection of Cindy Tietze-Hodosh and Stuart Hodosh was intelligently and expertly curated over a twenty-year period to include fine and rare examples from across the Amish communities as well as other American quilts. One of the finest collections of Amish quilts in private hands, pieces from the collection have been published in notable books and fifty exhibited in A Quiet Spirit an important exhibition at the UCLA Fowler museum in 1996. With all lots and condition reports online, browsing from the comfort of home has never been easier.


Lot 41: An Amish Bars quilt, est.: $2,000-3,000

Lot 41: An Amish Bars quilt, est.: $2,000-3,000

The Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Amish were the first community to adopt the tradition of quilt making from their neighbors, resulting in some of the most spectacular works in the form. One of the first iterations, Center Diamond in Square, is still one of the most dynamic. A gorgeous quilt with a play of green, pink and blue is one of the most engaging works in the auction, heading to the block with a $2,000-3,000 estimate. A fantastic Contained Bars quilt, one of the Lancaster Amish’s signature patterns, would be at home next to a Jasper Johns as much as on an Amish bed, and is sure to bring $2,000-3,000. The Amish were slow to adopt new quilt patterns, but when they did, they added their own unique flair. The Contained Crazy quilt, from a popular Victorian-era quilting pattern, epitomizes the Amish’s preferred aesthetic and heads to the block with a $3,000-5,000 estimate.

The Midwestern Amish may have been inspired by their Lancaster counterparts, but they made quilt making an art all their own. A dazzling Roman Stripes quilt from Malcolm, Illinois, shows the Midwestern preference for black backgrounds to set off their preferred jewel-toned patchwork and comes to the block with a $2,000-3,000 estimate. A wonderful Fans quilt from Shipshewana, Indiana, features the signature Midwestern color palette and is expected to sell between $1,000-1,500. A fantastic Star of Bethlehem quilt from Holmes County, Ohio, is one of the most stunning quilts in the auction and is sure to bring $1,500-2,000.

A selection of fine American quilts, distinguishable from their Amish counterparts by their use of patterned patchwork, is sure to appeal to collectors. A lovely Log Cabin quilt, one of the most popular patchwork patterns to this day, should have no trouble bringing $800-1,200 at the block. A delightful American Tobacco Flag quilt makes excellent use of a material that would have otherwise been thrown away and heads to the block with a $200-400 estimate. An early appliqué quilt with its skillful use of color is sure to bring $500-700.

Moran’s summer auction season is will continue with Studio Fine Art and Decorative Art are scheduled later in the month on June 23rd. ReDesigned on July 19th will feature an array of art and design to complete your abode. Made in Mexico on August 16th is filled with fine and decorative art from our southern neighbors. Moran’s takes the health and safety of our staff and customers seriously, as such, all previews for the auction will be by appointment only and the sales will be held online without a live audience.

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Lot 46: An American Log Cabin quilt, est.: $800-1,200

Lot 46: An American Log Cabin quilt, est.: $800-1,200

“One of the finest collections of Amish quilts in private hands, collectors vied for pieces from the collection”

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