Shannon Dailey

“The design and decoration of a pepper pot is as important, in its degree, as the conception of a cathedral.”

~ Jessie Newbery

Furniture & Decorative Arts


Shannon was born and raised in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. She has always cultivated a love of the arts and history.

Her academic studies led to a BA in Art History from Arizona State University and a MA in Art History from the University of California, Riverside with a specialization in 19th and early 20th-century British art and design, with an emphasis on Glasgow Style and book illustration.

Upon her return from England where she was studying Arthurian legends in medieval art, Shannon quickly discovered how fast-paced the Los Angeles art scene could be. She spent time working in museum education and outreach for the NHMLA’s William S. Hart Museum and collections research at the Bowers Museum.

Shannon’s role as the cataloguer for Decorative Arts and Furnishings is essential, requiring a wide range of knowledge and technical vocabulary to match. As Moran’s primary cataloguer for furniture and decorative arts, Shannon is responsible for identifying and reviewing a diverse selection of property for more than fifteen auctions per year, ranging from Mid-century and American Indian objects to Continental furniture.

When she’s not drawing or daydreaming about walking through the streets of Edinburgh, Shannon can be found reading YA fantasy novels, hiking, and collecting vintage books.