Mars Ford

"The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity."

~ Walt Whitman


Art Handler

In 2019, Mars joined Moran’s team of art handlers who keep the wheels running by working with specialists to pack and pick up all of the auction property. In addition, he can often be found collaborating with the photography department, gaffing the sets. Mars’ background in art and design is invaluable during auction floor setups when he is handling a wide array of property. Mars’ other responsibilities include warehouse and facilities management.

Mars comes to Moran’s with a background as a production assistant in the paint and fabrication department of a prop house.  His specialty was weaponry— more specifically sci-fi weaponry.

With his wide range of interests, Mars’ time outside of work is typically spent tinkering on his classic cars. He says the simplicity of the mechanical design and functionality makes him appreciate well-made and designed objects of all kinds. Relatedly, it’s not just vintage automobiles that appeal to him. Furnishings of the same era, in particular those in the Mid-century modern aesthetic, filled his childhood home and continue to excite his aesthetic sensibilities when they come to the sales floor.