Madison Torres

"An artist is an explorer."

~ Henri Matisse



Starting as part of the preview staff while attending college, Madison enjoyed the variety of auctions in the JMA lineup but developed a particular passion for the hands-on aspect of jewelry auctions. Later, Madison’s technological background made her a natural fit to run bidding on a live auction consul, allowing buyers to participate online from their homes and offices. Madison recently graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a specialization in Production Design and a B.A. in Theory and Practice of Cinema.

As part of Moran’s photography department, Madison’s early enthusiasm for jewelry now lends itself to unique artistic creativity when she is shooting. Her skill extends to the myriad of other property she photographs throughout the year. The role also includes many hours of prep, editing, and retouching.  Her work at Moran’s dovetails nicely with her skillset and adds to her ever-growing list of accomplishments.

Madison’s imagination has her studying classic Sci-Fi cinema in her free time.  As an avid reader of the genre, she allows herself to mentally reconstruct the visual landscapes authors have put to paper. She finds further inspiration in her travels, far and wide. A road trip to Yosemite – out and back – in one day? No Problem.