Keith Berson

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

~ Dorothea Lange



As part of the photography department, Keith is responsible for producing photographic content that Moran’s uses to promote, advertise, educate and excite buyers all over the world.  He contributes to the more than 2000 quality images captured per auction. Keith can toe the line between showing the best side and the realistic view of any given object. Keith continues to bring creative ideas and ways to showcase property whether it be fine jewelry or large furniture.

Coming to Moran’s from a commercial photography background, his work was featured on billboards across Los Angeles and well known for his Brewery photography studio. With a healthy love of music, Keith spent many years as a concert photographer, ensuring his attendance to bands he would be heartbroken to miss.

A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, Keith enjoys his Southern California home with his wife, young daughter, and their healthy supply of puzzles and eclectic music.