Jean Rapagna

"Painting is dancing with chaos."

~ Melanie Circle

Client Services

Consignment Coordinator

Jean Rapagna has worked for John Moran since 2010.

Jean is responsible for all contractual paperwork between consignors and John Moran Auctioneers. She works closely with Moran’s team of specialists to ensure all moving parts are in order both before and after an auction.

Prior to joining Moran’s, Jean was a sales associate for a national outdoor recreation company; this flexible position allowed her to raise her now-grown son while also enjoying the outdoors. Many in our local community will also recognize Jean from her more than ten years managing one of the area’s largest independent pet supply stores. Her amicable and friendly nature makes Jean a valuable liaison between Moran’s and their clients.

On her days off, Jean can be found at the local gym inspiring and instructing others in spinning, Pilates and yoga. She is also a seamstress and an avid vintage textile collector and has been known to frequent local estate sales on the hunt for fun and interesting finds.


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