Ian Anderson

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

~ Pablo Picasso


Operations Coordinator

Ian has been with Moran’s since the start of 2021, originally joining the team as the Operations Coordinator before transitioning to the Fine Art Department in 2022. Now, Ian is the liaison for new consignments within the Fine Art Department, drafting consignment contracts and ensuring that works arrive safely, coordinating transport from across the US and overseas. As a junior cataloger for the fine art department, Ian provides additional assistance to the Cataloging team, conducting supplementary research and condition reports for artworks as needed.

Outside of Moran’s, Ian has a background in gallery management, communications, and e-commerce website design, working at contemporary art galleries in both Brooklyn, NY (Court Tree Gallery) and Los Angeles, CA (MASH gallery). Holding a BA from Goucher College where he double-majored in French and Business, Ian spent time working in a Paris design firm and is fluent in French.

As a relative newcomer to the California landscape, Ian spends many of his weekends exploring the wide-open spaces and high elevations of the California landscape while camping.  As a mixed media artist himself, working in pyrography and spray paint, he has an affinity toward the complex artworks that pass through his hands daily.