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Most of those who contact us are looking for auction valuations; these are estimates of auction value based on what comparable items have recently garnered at auction. Auction valuations are a complimentary service. Click here to receive your free valuation for possible consignment.

Appraisals are a formal written document outlining insurance or replacement value (based on retail market prices) or fair market values for disposition of estate property. Appraisals require that a specialist view the property in person, and appraisal services are billed on an hourly basis. Click here to schedule our appraisal services.

Moran’s offers more than nine auction types with dozens of categories of items within each specialty branded auction. For more information on the specific types of items we handle, you can peruse our catalog archive. If you are curious if your item or collection is right for our market, send us a valuation inquiry and we will be happy to get back to you with auction estimates or a viable referral.

We have “What’s it Worth?” valuation days that we offer through our community outreach program. Check out our Calendar for these days. These events are usually fund raising events for non-profit groups, museums or private organizations. Help their causes and come on out!

Moran’s invites you to bring in items you are looking to obtain a value on and sell through auction. We provide free auction estimates and provided information on the consignment process. We schedule these approximately once every other month, check out our Calendar for specific dates. If you are not able to make these, please fill out our valuation form us to setup a private appointment for the same free service.

Our show room floor is set two weeks prior to any auction date. Give us a call at 626-793-1833 or email us to schedule a private preview with one of our specialist.

We formed this sale to appeal to our first-time or price pointed buyer. Each piece has a story and are looking for a new home. The pieces are coming from either large estates or private collectors who are downsizing. There is bound to be something for everyone.
Our Studio Auctions encompass three main sections: Fine Art, Jewelry and Furniture and Decorative objects. Each has its own session and catalogue listing. Price points typically range from $300-$3000. Check out our Past Auctions to see what types of items we have sold and are looking to consign.
We firmly believe that buying vintage is the way to go!

We are busier than ever and offering more auction per month than we used to. Check out our Calendar for our full schedule of auctions + fun events and lectures.


We are always more than happy to take a look at potential auction items and provide valuations based on current market prices. To get started, we will need to take a look at the pieces in question. Fill out our valuation form for consignment and submit it through our website.

Settlement checks and consignor statements are mailed out via USPS, thirty days from the date of the auction.

Depending on the circumstances, lots that fail to sell at auction are either reoffered at a later date or returned to the consignor (that’s you). If an item fails to sell at auction, your specialist that you originally worked with will contact you to discuss the options.
If we decide that the piece is best returned, you have a 60-day grace period to come get it.
Day 61, storage and administrative fees will begin to accrue. If you have circumstances that cannot accommodate that time frame, just give us a call and we can work something out.

Short answer, sometimes. We take items starting at $500. However, we will on occasion make exceptions for pieces that have a ‘cool’ or ‘wow’ factor that we feel we have the right market for that fall just short of that minimum value. It is better to ask us if the items are for us than assume it’s not.

Our property deadlines are approximately 6 weeks prior to any auction date. BUT, why wait? We may close a consignment deadline prior to the 6 weeks as we may fill up early. Earlier is always better for us. Exact deadlines can be found on any given auction landing page.

We believe in the auction process. It places us on the same team and achieves a more competitive marketplace for your items. However, if you are unable to wait for auction, Contact Us and let’s see what we can do.


A Buyer’s Premium is a percentage that every auction house charges their buyers on top of the hammer price (winning bid amount) of each lot purchased. This service fee goes towards the auction house’s overhead, expenses and general operational costs. Our Buyer’s Premium is 25% regardless of how you bid, however, there is a 2% fee when paying by credit card.

We accept payments by cash, check, wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All credit card payments are subject to a 2% fee. You can use our Online Payment portal for all invoices. Buyers outside of the United States are required to submit payment by wire transfer; Moran’s does not accept credit cards from international buyers.

We do not provide packing/shipping services or shipping quotes; if you are looking for a shipping quote for a specific lot prior to an auction or are seeking to make arrangements for packing and shipping of lots purchased, please see our Shipping page for our recommended shippers and their contact information.

We are delighted you found something you like. Signing up is easy, and we have multiple ways to do it to fit your preference. Fill out our online Registration Form and submit via our website, you can also download the Registration Form and either: email it, snail mail it, fax it or bring it with you if you’re coming to the auction in person.
If you want more info, check our How to Buy page.

Can’t make it to our auction event? You are able to leave a specific amount on any lot or lots that the auctioneer will then use to bid on your behalf. If there is no other bidding, your bid is accepted at the opening or reserve amount and sold to you. Use our handy Registration Form to leave an absentee bid or on any given lot page, you have a bid now button.

Great question! Moran’s offers multiple, easy and convenient ways to bid. Register directly with us and bid: In person, by Telephone, by Absentee bid, or online through Moran Mobile!

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