Warren Eliphalet Rollins


American artist Warren Eliphalet Rollins was responsible for bringing the first formal art exhibit to the Santa Fe Art Colony in New Mexico, convincing the territorial governor to open the old Palace of the Governor in 1910 for the event. In 1915, he moved to New Mexico and spent much of his time living with different Native American tribes. Oil painter Warren Eliphalet Rollins’ genre paintings of Western culture include scenes depicting Navajo, Zuni, and Pueblo tribes in desert landscapes. 

Warren Eliphalet Rollins landscape paintings for sale show his love of the desert people and the land of New Mexico, but the artist was also an accomplished seascape painter. The passing ships outside his lighthouse studio in his early years in Alameda, California inspired the artist Warren Eliphalet Rollins to paint them and the sea around him. Purchase a piece of art that captures your heart by viewing breathtaking genre paintings online at Invaluable.

Past Lots

Warren E. Rollins (1861-1962 Winslow, AZ) Old

Sold: $5,175

Warren E. Rollins (1861-1962 Winslow, AZ)

Sold: $4,600

Warren E. Rollins (1861-1962 Carson City, NV)

Sold: $4,400

Warren E. Rollins (1861-1962 Carson City, NV)

Sold: $4,025