Peter Ellenshaw


Artist Peter Ellenshaw was a special-effects matte painter for the Disney studio, winning an Academy Award for Best Special Effects on the film Mary Poppins. After his career at Disney, he devoted his life to painting landscapes and seascapes. Peter Ellenshaw paintings include both acrylics and oils on canvas, and he produced hand-signed prints, including a suite of 50 giclee on canvas of Winnie the Pooh.

As an artist, Peter Ellenshaw’s style bridged Realism and Impressionism. His landscapes ranged from deserts to mountains to woodland fields. His seascapes draw some of the finest praise, and they alternate between thunderous waves crashing against huge coastal boulders and calm, low tides at dusk and dawn and in the moonlight.

Limited-edition Peter Ellenshaw prints are highly collectible. His panoramic, cloud-filled seascape paintings are prized, and have received awards from prestigious museums and societies. Other fine seascape paintings for sale are also available at Invaluable.

Past Lots

Peter Ellenshaw (1913-2007)

Sold: $20,700

Peter Ellenshaw (1913-2007 Santa Barbara, CA):

Sold: $18,400

Peter Ellenshaw (1913-* Los Angeles, CA)

Sold: $16,100

Peter Ellenshaw (1913-2007 Santa Barbara, CA) H.M.S. Victory 176, Flagship of Lord Nelson at Trafalgar, October 21, 185

Sold: $16,100