Paul Lauritz


Paul Lauritz was born in a small art colony in Larvik, Norway. Exposed to art almost from birth, Lauritz was well skilled when he emigrated to Canada in 1905.

Working his way West as an illustrator, Lauritz settled in Portland before moving to Alaska during the Gold Rush. Failing as a miner, Lauritz met the well established Alaskan artist, Sydney Laurence. In 1919, Lauritz made his final move to Los Angeles, where he taught at the Chouinard and Otis Art Institutes.

Lauritz’s body of work includes deserts, portraits, landscapes and coastals.

Past Lots

Paul Lauritz (1889-1951 Glendale, CA): Avalon

Sold: $74,750

Paul Lauritz (1889-1951 Glendale, CA): Cat Harbor,

Sold: $43,125

Paul Lauritz (1889-1975 Glendale, CA) California

Sold: $37,375

Paul Lauritz (1889-1975 Glendale, CA)

Sold: $31,625