James A Fetherolf


Before branching out on his own as an  artist, James Fetherolf worked as a matte-painter for Fox Studios, followed by a stint at Walt Disney Productions. By 1969, however, his original landscapes and seascapes were selling so well that he left the film industry to devote time to his new career.

James Fetherolf’s paintings are distinctive because of their topographical accuracy and his keen observance of weather patterns. He created the clouds and skies while the paint was wet, a method known as wet on wet, or alla prima. The goal of James Fetherolf’s paintings is to make viewers feel like they have walked into the work. The value of James Fetherolf’s prints grew as the the prices on his oil paintings increased. Search the art world landscape for other artists’ vintage and contemporary landscape paintings on offer online and at auction.

Past Lots

James A. Fetherolf (1925-1994 Camarillo, CA)

Sold: $6,600

James A. Fetherolf (1925-1994 Camarillo, CA)

Sold: $6,000

James A. Fetherolf (1925-1994 Los Angeles, CA)

Sold: $5,818

James A. Fetherolf, (1925-1994 Camarillo, CA), "Thousand Oaks", Oil on canvas, 30" H x 36" W

Sold: $5,000