Henry Martin Gasser


Artist Henry Martin Gasser was born in New Jersey in 1909. He studied art at Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and developed his realistic painting style. Henry Gasser’s paintings capture everyday life in the 20th century, forever imprinting his mark on history. In 1953, he became the vice-president of both the National Academy of Design and the American Watercolor Society.

As an artist, Henry Martin Gasser had a natural talent for the fine arts as can be seen in his vibrantly colored watercolor paintings. He delighted in experimenting with different techniques to achieve the effect he was aiming for. Gasser’s art can be found in numerous museums throughout the United States, and he has won many awards. Create an extraordinary personal art collection with vintage watercolor paintings for sale at Invaluable.  

Past Lots

Henry Martin Gasser (1909-1981 South Orange, NJ)

Sold: $12,650

Henry Martin Gasser (1909-1981 Orange, NJ)

Sold: $8,000

Henry M. Gasser (1909-1981 Orange, NJ)

Sold: $5,500

Henry Martin Gasser (1909-1981 Orange, NJ)

Sold: $4,000