Alexander Calder


Born in 1898, Alexander Calder became one of the most influential sculptors in American art. After earning a degree in engineering, he turned to art, and Alexander Calder’s drawings debuted in the National Police Gazette a few years later. An assignment to sketch the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus produced a lifelong interest in the circus, resulting in Cirque Calder, one of the first examples of Alexander Calder’s abstract art made with wire and found objects. 

Alexander Calder’s drawings were often abstract, and many resemble his three-dimensional mobiles crafted with wires and brightly colored shapes. In addition to his mobiles, Alexander Calder sculptures are for sale throughout the world. His sculpture La Grande Vitesse sits in the downtown center of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is the unofficial symbol of the city.  Expand your vision with unique abstract prints for sale online and at auction.

Upcoming Lots

Alexander Calder (1898-1976), Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibition poster, 1965

Estimate $300 - $500

Past Lots

Alexander Calder, (1898-1976 American), Untitled, 1968, Gouache and watercolor on Canson paper under Plexiglas, Sheet: 29.25" H x 43...

Sold: $65,000

Alexander Calder, (1898-1976 New York, NY), "Araignee Rouge [Red Spider]", 1970, Woven wool tapestry, 61" H x 78" W

Sold: $12,000

Alexander Calder (1898-1976), Untitled, 1968, Ink on paperboard, 12" H x 15" W

Sold: $10,000

Alexander Calder, (1898-1976, American), "Composition aux cercles," 1975, Color lithograph on paper under Plexiglas, Image/Sheet: 29.5"

Sold: $8,125