Ace Powell


American artist Ace Powell, real name Asa Lynn Powell, was born in 1912 inĀ Tularosa, New Mexico. His works are realistic portrayals of life in the western states of America and often depict cowboys, Native Americans, and local wildlife. Oil painter Powell’s nickname, Ace, came as a result of the signature he signed every painting off with: an ace of diamonds. He came up with this signature while studying under his mentor, Charles Marion Russell.

As well as painting, artist Ace Powell was also well known for his sculptures, and during his career is said to have created between 12,000 and 15,000 paintings and sculptures in total. Powell’s Native American paintings for saleĀ are known to fetch considerable sums at auction.

Past Lots

Ace Powell (1912-1978 Kalispell, MT) Indians in

Sold: $5,175

Ace Powell, (1912 - 1978 Kalispell, MT), Native American portrait, Oil on canvas, 10" H x 8" W

Sold: $1,187

Ace Powell, (1912-1978, Kalispell, MT), American Indian and horse, Oil on canvas, 24" H x 16" W

Sold: $600

Ace Powell (1912-1978 Kalispell, MT)

Sold: $480