Flowering, 1929

Agnes Pelton

Flowering, 1929
Oil on canvas, 24″ x 19″

Art + Design
August 13, 2024

“These pictures are conceptions of light – the essence of fire, not as we see it in the material world, but as the radiance of the inner being”

~ Agnes Pelton

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Artist Biography

Agnes Lawrence Pelton (August 22, 1881 – March 13, 1961) was a modernist painter who was born in Germany and moved to the United States as a child. She studied art in the United States and Europe. She made portraits of Pueblo Native Americans, desert landscapes and still lifes. Pelton’s work evolved through at least three distinct themes: her early “Imaginative Paintings,” art of the American Southwest people and landscape, and abstract art that reflected her spiritual beliefs. She was a first cousin of American sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser.

Additonal Details

Signed and dated lower right
Housed in the artist’s original silver-grey painted frame
Pencil inscriptions verso on the top stretcher: “Flowering” $200 (priced twice), Agnes Pelton, Water Mill, Long Island, N.Y. and stenciled with the number 452
Pencil inscriptions verso on the right stretcher: “Flowering” Agnes Pelton Water Mill


The Artist
Matille Prigge “Billie” Seaman (1883-1966), neighbor and friend of Agnes Pelton
Josephine Morse True (1888-1975), neighbor and friend of Agnes Pelton, author of the memoir “Painted Rocks” (1965) which includes Agnes Pelton-related anecdotes; a copy of the book will be included with this lot.


Abstractions by Agnes Pelton, November 11th to 23rd, 1929, Montross Gallery, 26 East 56th Street, New York, checklist #12, Flowering. This solo exhibition also included The Fountains, Star Gazer, Ecstasy, Being, and Meadowlark’s Song – Winter.