Monrovia, CA – John Moran Auctioneers is happy to announce that our much-awaited Studio Fine and Decorative Arts sale is nearly here. Two days were needed to accommodate the 500 plus lots of property geared toward first-time buyers or price pointed collectors. The sale will take place at 12pm on both Tuesday, May 18 & Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Buyers will not want to miss an opportunity to bid on curated selections by established makers such as Tiffany Studios, Gallé, Lalique, and Royal Doulton on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the focus will be on more than 200 lots of fine art from respected artists like Winslow Homer, Roger Kuntz, and Nell Walker Warner, just to name a few. The highlights below are just a handful of the treasures waiting to be found.

Pair of Spanish Silver Pheasants $400-600

Pair of Spanish Silver Pheasants $400-600

A pair of charming Spanish Silver Pheasants are first quarter 20th Century having a realistic design and are marked Pasgorcy, Spain. Chased details capture the delicate and bold positioning of the feathers. Interestingly enough, a variety of pheasants called Silver Pheasants actually exist. They are usually found in the forested mountains of eastern and southern China and in Southeast Asia. The two elegant birds have a pre-auction estimate of $400-600.

Bird lovers will also be drawn to a Lalique “Tete d’Aigle” Crystal Mascot with a pre-auction estimate of $300-500. The frosted figure in the form of an eagle’s head is signed Lalique, France and was made around 1978 or later. The company’s originator, René Lalique (1860-1945), first gained creative recognition as a jewelry designer, rather than a glassmaker. Stationed in Paris, his popularity grew as he designed one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for actresses and prominent socialites. In 1905 Lalique began to exhibit his glassworks along with his jewelry and they caught the eye of Perfumer François Coty who implored him to share his inspired design sensibility with the perfume industry. This strategic collaboration was the beginning of the Lalique name as synonymous with masterful glass craftsmanship, a reputation that continues today.

While the Lalique crystal mascot may find itself at rest on a fireplace mantel, the next lot can be placed directly in front of the fire. A colorful English Reverse-Painted Leaded Glass Fireplace Screen has out swept feet and features a vase of roses in a gilt-metal frame. The shape of the fireplace screen is reminiscent of a shield and is adorned with springtime colors amber, pink and blue. Heading to the block with a pre-auction estimate of $500-700 this fireplace screen is a beautiful addition to any home.

Buyers are sure to notice a pair of stately Royal Doulton “Nasturtium Stoneware Vases. The vases are dated circa 1902-1914, but still command attention today. Royal Doulton began in 1815 as Doulton & Co., a business focused on manufacturing storage vessels and bottles. It was not until 1870 that the company began to broaden its scope to the commercial arts. These vases are graced with a brilliant cobalt blue, a gratifying texture created by impressed lace, and proudly highlight the nasturtium flower. The Royal pair will be presented at auction with an estimate of $500-700.

“Warner had a distinct pallet that was filled with bold colors capturing light in a very organic way.”
Nell Walker Warner (1891-1970) Eucalyptus Landscape  $1,500-2,500 

Nell Walker Warner (1891-1970) Eucalyptus Landscape  $1,500-2,500 

In addition to the array of decorative items is a wonderful selection of fine art. Artist Douglas Arthur Teed (1864-1929) was born in New York and began painting when he was a child. In his youth, he spent a lot of time in the studio of the distinguished American landscape painter, George Inness, which may explain his affinity for stark contrast in his compositions. He studied abroad for five years immersing himself in the popular techniques used in European art and then returned to New York where he continued to apply his new inspiration to every canvas. Dated 1919, The Marketplace is oil on canvas and has a pre-auction estimate of $1,500-2,500.

From the grit of the city marketplace to a lush townscape, this is a delightful little painting by artist Colin Campbell Cooper (1856-1937).  European Townscape is a blend of watercolor and gouache on paper under glass. Cooper was most associated with architectural paintings of cities and their skyscrapers, as well as the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The quiet nature-filled scene was perhaps painted while he was on holiday.  European Townscape has a pre-auction estimate of $800-1,200.

Retreating to the forest for our final painting is this Eucalyptus Landscape by Nebraska-born artist Nell Walker Warner (1891-1970). Her canvases were often filled with subjects such as natural landscapes, harbor views, or elaborate floral still lives. Although painted, the eucalyptus trees sway with movement, their shadows captured with mauves and purples. Warner had a distinct pallet that was filled with bold colors capturing light in a very organic way. Eucalyptus Landscape heads to the block with a pre-auction estimate of $1,500-2,500.

Pair of Royal Doulton

Pair of Royal Doulton "Nasturtium" Stoneware Vases Est. $500-700 

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