Our Staff

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John Moran<br> President<br> Principal Auctioneer
John Moran
Principal Auctioneer
Jeffrey J. Moran, Senior Vice President, Antique and Decorative Art Sale Director/Auctioneer
Jeffrey Moran
Senior Vice President
Director & Auctioneer
Madeleine Moran, Vice President, Public Relations
Madeleine Moran
Public Relations


Roland Rynkiewicz, Vice President, Estates Auction Director
Roland Rynkiewicz
Vice President
Estates Auction Director
Maranda Moran, Antique & Decorative Art Specialist
Maranda Moran
Antique & Deco Art

Mollie Burns Keith, G.G., Jewelry Sale Director
Mollie Burns Keith
Jewelry Sale Director
Ana Wroblaski, G.G., A.J.P., Jewelry Specialist, Cataloguer
Ana Wroblaski,
G.G., A.J.P.
Jewelry Specialist,

Morgana Blackwelder, Fine Art Specialist
Morgana Blackwelder
Fine Art Specialist
Bobby Cullen, Fine Art Cataloguer
Bobby Cullen
Fine Art Cataloguer
Katie Halligan, Fine Art Consultant and Assistant Cataloguer
Katie Halligan
Fine Art and Cataloging Consultant

Kim Jarand,
Kim Jarand
Antique & Decorative Art Cataloguer
John Simon Taylor, Estate Specialist
John Simon Taylor
Estate Specialist

Client Services

Betty Lanza, Office Manager, Client Accounting
Betty Lanza
Office Manager,
Client Accounting
Jardine Bruce, Client Services / Social Media
Jardine Bruce
Client Services / Social Media
Jean Rapagna, Client Services
Jean Rapagna
Client Services


Glenn Storey, Operations Director, Auctioneer
Glenn Storey
Operations Director,
Larry Muradian, Art Handler, Property Control
Larry Muradian
Art Handler,
Property Ctrl.
Mike Hook, Art Handler, Property Control
Mike Hook
Art Handler,
Property Ctrl.

Digital Design

Oscar Tsao, Webmaster, Art Design
Oscar Tsao
Webmaster, Art Design
Shane Strong, Principal Photographer
Shane Strong
Principal Photographer
Nathan Martinez,  Director Advertising & Marketing
Nathan Martinez
Dir. Adv. & Marketing

Ali Breen, Assistant Photographer / Social Media
Ali Breen
Assistant Photographer / Social Media

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